Managers You Will Learn:

–The Release Your Power Strategies & Method
–The Four Basic Principals of Management
–Your Personality Type using True Colors
Top competencies every manager needs
Effective coaching techniques
–How to conduct successful employee appraisals
This is a full day session including breaks and Q&A

 Non Managers You Will Learn:

 The Release Your Power  For Employees Method in a 1 day Seminar. 

An in-depth training including interactive exercises and role playing scenarios on:

–How your productivity effects the company's bottom line.
–How to work effectively with Co-Workers
Pitfalls to Career Advancement

2 Hour Seminar for Employees Performance Improvement:

Learn the Release Your Power For Employees Method

     –Learn how your productivity effects the company's bottom line

     –Learn how Time Management Techniques

     –Learn how to work effectively with Co-Workers

      Pitfalls to Career Advancement

and more!

Other Workplace Training Topics

 Improving Your Inside Talent

True Colors Personality Assessment
Team Building Strategies
Communicating with your Manager
Coaching Them To Engagement

 Stop  Work Place Bullying

    Signs of bulling in the work place

Taking back your power
Protecting Yourself
Handling a bully

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