The Release Your Power Success System consists of 8 Strategic performance enhancers:

  • Choosing To Change
  • Spending Time With Yourself
  • Writing It Down
  • Speaking Positively
  • Making Each Step Solid
  • Building Solid Relationships
  • Develop The Leader Within
  • Continuous Improvement
that build your 5 Key internal success factors:
  • Motivation, Empowerment, Self Development, Inspiration, Intrapersonal Coaching
to prepare individuals, corporations, nonprofits and educational institutions for personal and professional success. Each topic is drawn from the 8 Strategies found in the book, workbook, cd and other materials designed by Lilisa J. Williams, MBA and PhD Candidate, who has been studying Training and Performance Improvement since 2005. 

Coach Lilisa, as she is referred to by many, has conducted numerous workshops, training seminars and coaching sessions teaching the principles of her book. She has helped thousands find and live out their fullest personal and professional potential.

Each session will leave you and/or your employees begging for more! 

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